Digital Marketing Consultant + Speaker



Mark Nanez

Digital Marketing Strategist, The DG Agency 

Chair Advisory Board Department of Marketing at Texas State University

Amazon Best Selling Author

Hi, I’m Mark!

I’ve been helping individuals and organizations accomplish their goals through digital marketing and advertising for the past 5+ years. My professional experience includes working with entrepreneurs, celebrities, B2B, B2C, local businesses and international businesses.

I’ve also been fortunate to speak and host workshops at statewide conferences, universities and professional organizations.

My approach to digital marketing can be described as human. With so many trends on “what’s hot” and “the next great social media platform” there is one constant element that I focus on… HUMANS.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube or whatever future platform, will have many updates and algorithm changes… but humans won’t. We are creatures of habit and change happens slowly. That is why I focus on incorporating behavioral psychology into my marketing strategies.

It is my duty to help you, and others, merge behavioral psychology and digital marketing to reach your goals!

Thanks for making it here and let’s connect!

Mark Nanez